Highfields and the Haven Open on the 4th July

What to expect and what to do on your return to the park

Please contact the park by Email if possible, or telephone if not, to let us know when we can welcome you back to our park.

We have set out the reception area on your Park for your safety, implementing social distancing and incorporating other safety guidance. The pedestrian flow to be used through the reception area is clearly marked, view a copy of the plan reception area bellow.

If you are unclear or have any questions please ask.

You’ll be aware of the government guidance, which will of course change with time, but at present, for your information it is;

  • Most importantly while you’re on the Park if you do, unfortunately, begin to feel unwell with Covid 19 symptoms, you must call 111 immediately and follow their advice. Please also telephone the office to inform them.
  • Social distancing from other Holiday Homeowners and Park Team members is to be maintained at all times.
  • Your Holiday Home should only be used by members of your group.
  • There should be no social gatherings with friends.
  • No visitors will be allowed to access the Park.
  • Even if allowed under your Licence Agreement, you may not sub-let your Holiday Home until legislation allows.
  • You may find it helpful to bring with you essential items such as soap, hand gel, gloves, masks and other safety equipment.
  • One-way systems and other provisions to aid social distancing may apply on the Park, please ensure you comply with these where requested; they will be there for your safety and that of our Team members on the Park.

We are excited to see you again on the 4th July!!!

We’re excited to be open again on the 4th July

We are now preparing and looking forward to welcoming you back on the 4th July.

In the light of the Government’s announcements and guidance, and in particular, to ensure we do nothing to add to the burden of our wonderful NHS, all of our Holiday Home and Touring Parks have been closed since March 22nd 2020 except, under government requirements, to those whom have no other residence.

Thank you for your understanding and for bearing with us.

All our Parks will be able to welcome back our Holiday Homeowners from 4th July 2020.

Please read the guidance about your individual park clicking the image on the right, this will give information on your park and the measures we are putting in place to keep you and your family safe when you are back on our Park.

Your safety is paramount to us and on your return to the Park, you will see the work our teams have been doing to ensure you and your family’s safety when we are able to reopen on the 4th July. The position is as yet not clear with regard to the Touring Park due to wash block issues, hopefully, we will be able to reopen for tourers with their own toilet and wash facilities.

Rest assured that we have continued to maintain our Parks throughout this difficult time, and have been carrying out regular security patrols to ensure your Holiday Home and our Parks remain as safe as possible, and we are ready to welcome you back. The Parks are looking great and all our teams are being made aware of and trained with regard to the Covid 19 Health and Safety Requirements and the assessments we have carried out.

We will be updating our advice, for your information and safely, as more information is made available by the Government