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Below are brief details of Rhodesian Ridgebacks re-homed during 2018. We would like to offer our deepest thanks to all of their new owners for giving these boys and girls another chance.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks Re-Homed in 2018
Kampala - Has found his new home!
Age 10 Years
Male - Neutered

Our Kampala is a soppy big softie! He loves a fuss, very much enjoying human company, and at his age a quietish life.

He will need some help with toilet training as he hasn't lived indoors for a number of years, but with patience and persistance he will get there.

Kampala will need some lead work as he's not overly keen on walking on the lead, and does need reassurance occasisonally when going into new places.

He has lived with all sorts of different animals throughout his life but never with children, so we will be looking for an adults only household. Until recently he has lived with a female ridgeback which means he could possibly live with a "girlfriend"!

Are you that person with a Kampala shaped corner in your home............

26th June 2018

Re-Homed July 2018


Rocky and Gazelle - Have found their new home!

Age 10 years
Male and Female


Gazelle used to live indoors but has been living outside for the past couple of years. She will need a little help with her toilet training to get her back into the routine of living indoors. She has lived with a wide variety of animals and is ok with cats. She travels well in the car and walks nicely on the lead....she just plods along. She is ok with older children and is a really friendly girl.

Once settled in with her new owners, Gazelle will need some surgery for the removal a mamary tumour the cost of which will be borne by us.


Rocky is Gazelle's boyfriend! He is neutered and is a gentle old soul. He keeps Gazelle company and as such we need to rehome this pair together.

Rocky, like Gazelle has lived outdoors for the past couple of years, but had lived indoors previously. He too will need a little help with getting back into the outdoor toilet regime, but since he had lived indoors it shouldn't take too long to get him "back into it".

Rocky does have a small lump on his shoulder, but the vet was not concerned by this. Our gentle boy is happy and loves human affection, he has not lived with children but is ok with older children. He travels well in the car and he has good recall walking well on the lead.

Are you able to accomodate this gentle pair..........

18th June 2018

Re-Homed June 2018

Rocky and Gazelle

Rupert - Has found his new home
Age 2 Years

Rupert will need an adult only household. He loves chasing his ball and frisbee and is very happy to settle down for cuddles afterwards.

He has never lived with cats so we would suggest no cats or other little furries!

20th April 2018

Re-homed May 2018

Kimba - Has found her new home
Age 4 1/2 Years

Kimba currently lives with children but has never lived with other dogs or cats. She doesn't like dogs that are bigger than she is and will give them a wide birth. She does love to be with people. She travels well by car and has good recall.

Kimba suffers with mild epilepsy, but whilst on medication she hasn't had any fits.  She did suffer with shoulder Osteochondritis Dissecans which has been sugically repaired. It now gives her no trouble and she can happily go on 4-5 mile walks a day. However we wouldn't recommend that she would make a good jogging partner.

27th March 2018

Re-homed April 2018


Runako (Roo) - Has been withdrawn by his owner
Age 8 Years
Castrated Male

Being of a nervy disposition Roo, who is wary of strangers, will need a quite home. He has never lived with children so will need a child free home with someone who is at home most of the time. He doesn't like being left for more than a couple of hours.

While living as a single dog for all of his life, Roo gets on with dogs outside of his home, he travels well in the car. He will chase small furries but then he is a ridgeback!

27th March 2018

Withdrawn April 2018
Runako (Roo)
Jake - Has found his new home
Age 13 years

Jake is a loving boy who has lived with snakes, spiders and well, you name it he's lived with it!

In his Autumn years, Jake just wants a quiet sofa to curl up on.

Jake has been rehomed to a lovely family, where he will live with cats and another dog for company

Re-homed March 2018
Maxim - Has found his new home
Age 9months

Maxim has lots of energy and does pull on lead. He is a loving boy who has lived with children. He needs an experieced Ridgeback owner who will put rules & boundaires in place.

Maxim has gone to live with another Ridgeback and has settled in beautifully, he's a very happy boy. 

Re-homed March 2018
Rocco - Has been re-homed
Age 18mths

Rocco has previously lived with children and other dogs, he loves people. He is a little wary of dogs outside the home, but with some training we are sure this can be overcome. He is very boistrous and pulls on the lead.

Rocco has now found his new home, where he is absolutely adored and has two new canine ladies whom he shares his home.

 Re-homed February 2018
Maisie - Has found her new home
Age 8 years

Maise is a sweet little girl who is very soft and gentle. She is wary of men, due to her past experiences.

She likes most dogs and is quite happy to plod around. She isn't spayed

Maisie has settle very quickly in her new home, and loves her new family

Re-homed January 2018
Ellie - Has been re-homed by Battersea
Age 6 Years and 7 Months


Having proved to be too strong for her previous adopter, sadley Ellie is back with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London.

Information on Ellie can be found by clicking here.

Could you be that experienced owner that could accomodate Ellie?

24th November 2017

If you think Ellie would fit in with you please contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 0207 627 9234.

Ellie is not strictly one of ours to re-home, she is currently at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London.

Information on Ellie can be found by clicking here.

Do you have a comfy corner just waiting to be filled by this girl?

1st November 2017

If you think Ellie would fit in with you please contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

 Re-homed January 2018
Battersea - Ellie

If you feel that you can add to this list please go to the Re-Homing Page Thank You

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