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TigerTiger came to us as a very lively 3 year old male who loved to do his own thing regardless of what you wanted him to do, and that included humping the end of our bed (amongst other things)!  We have worked hard together, consistently, and we now have a wonderfully friendly and far more controlled and restrained young Ridgeback who has enhanced our family, going some way to filling the gap made by the sudden departure of Solomon last January following aggressive tumour.

We have to admit that we had quite forgotten how energetic a young Ridgeback can be, having had Solomon so many years and him being nearly 12 when he left us, we had got used to a more sedentary playful Ridgeback but with Tiger that soon changed.  Don't get us wrong, Tiger enjoys as many cuddles as he can get, whether curled up on our daughter's bed or trying to get onto your knee as you sit on the sofa, but he has boundless energy for as many walks as you can fit in a day.

As well as going some way to filling the void left by Solomon, Tiger was intended to be the companion of Tara, our 9 year old Rottie.  Regrettably, although she accepted Tiger she was clearly depressed by the loss of her sole mate Solomon and was so sadly disinterested in life thereafter.  She finally lost total interest in life on 6th December, laying down on the same Rug by the same table as she had watched Solomon depart some 11 moths earlier.  She gave a big sigh, rolled onto her side and left us.  So very sad a year.  However, on a more positive note, having seen that Tara was not going to be a play mate for Tiger, in April 2011 we adopted a Rottie/Staffie cross called Roxy (although soon renamed, having lost some weight, gained the name Rocket to match her nature/character).  She was the energetic friend that Tiger needed.

TigerSo here we are 12 months after we adopted Tiger with 2 new adopted dogs.  Both have come on so much.  Both have had their moments when we wondered if they would ever listen to us.  But perseverance and consistency pays off and we now have 2 dogs that enjoy each others company, chasing each other around the field.  Tiger doing the Ridgeback figure of 8 run around the field with his tail curled, and Rocket doing her best to cut him off and throwing herself at him in the hope that her 25kg frame will bring down his 45kg of rippling muscle.  They keep us active and are an absolute joy.

One thing that has surprised me about Tiger is that he just doesn't thieve!  Oh, dont get me wrong, if its on the floor he's interested, but he does not steal off surfaces unlike all other Ridgeback I have ever known.  We can leave our fruit bowl on the coffee table and know that when we walk back into the room he will not have emptied it!

We are in the process of moving into our new home in the next 2 weeks in a very quiet little village, where the Tiger and Rocket will have 1/2 acre garden to chase each other around in to their hearts content.  Life can't get any better than that and we have to thank Ridgeback Rescue sincerely for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a gorgeous boy.


Sandra & Alan Lyons
February 2012

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