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ThorI was running the streets and someone grabbed me and put me in a kennel, no one bothered with me I was scared cold & lonely, days passed & I was being walked across the yard, when someone stopped us & asked about me then my heart sank. I heard just taking him to be put down.

No please I yelled but they set off with me. Stop we will take him were rain rescue, well they came & got me & the next day a lady & gent came there to see me I hear them say from Northern ridgeback rescue, the next day I got taken to vets I had an heamatoma, I had very bad ears so they operated I awoke with buttons in my ear yes buttons it hurt me & they had taken my puppy factory away as well Nooo I cried.

Thor and TulaWell a few days passed and I was in a paddock, & two people came in to see me they had ridgebacks on there shirt, then they were joined by a lady who sat on a bench I looked at her and she said hello so I went up to her and gave her a kiss. it turned out ridgeback rescue had phoned this lady to come and look at me because her old dog had passed away and wanted a friend for her other dog called Tula, I hear her say yes but they got up and left I jumped up at gate saying please don't go but they did, HO NO. I cried.

ThorBut three days later the lady came back, Hello I said with a kiss, Then she put a lead on me and said come Thor this is what I was now called. I was taken for a walk were I saw this dishy girl so I showed off a little as we men do I nibbled her ears I liked her hi baby I said and she told me off for being fresh, sorry I said, well it tuned out to be Tula my new mums other dog YES MY NEW MUM.

ThorI was then put in a car and was taken to my new home were there was a nice soft bed waiting for me & good food. well I would like to say thank you to northern ridgeback rescue for caring and finding me my forever home for without them I would not be hear now. I forgot say my new mum had a lump taken off my leg that turned out to be cancer but they got it all I am one lucky dog so to all ridgebacks who think there is no hope there is humans that care,

Love Thor

And of course, Mum, Violet


February 2015







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