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Hi Janice,

Happy New Year to you, I hope all is well with you.

I was just browsing the NMRR website and I thought I’d let you know that Sasha is very well – I have her over 6 years now and I really can’t remember what life what like without her – she is truly my best friend and companion and I absolutely dote on her (and she on me it seems). She will be 8 next month but is still full of life although sleeps a little more than perhaps a few years ago.

She’s incredibly intelligent and my boyfriend reckons she doesn’t actually realise that she is a dog and considers herself half-human. He’s always had working gun dogs but I think he’s come around to realising what a wonderful breed that they are. Sasha can open doors, crates and has managed to escape from both a kennel and the horse lorry whilst on the ferry back to Northern Ireland in an effort to find me! Incredibly, and very scarily, she managed to open a strong sprung bolt door on my new lorry and was discovered running around the open car deck. I now have to tie everything shut to prevent her escaping.

SashaSashaShe was described on the website as ‘proving to not be a good traveller’ – she must surely be one of the most travelled RRs around now – having flown, sailed in boats, ships, ferries, been in cars, horse lorries, lived in several different locations and travelled across the UK with me.

We move to a small holding later this year and I hope to work only part-time so that we can enjoy longer walks and more cuddles with her, and less separation than were I to continue working full time. She can run around the yard while I do my horses and her quality of life will be so much better.  I’m planning a pot belly stove that I know she will adore lying in front of her, especially in her latter years ahead.

SashaThank you for letting me adopt the most wonderful and faithful friend that I could ever find.

Julie Garvin

January 2015







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