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Rodney, Amber & IzzyRodney

Dear All,

Oh wow! how lucky am I !!

I was found wandering the streets, and after spending nearly five months in kennels, a family turned up to meet me.

They took me for a walk and the little girl called Ella asked me to sit, which when I could smell the treat in her hand my bum hit the ground immediately, I sat and did my best 'give me some food look', lifted up my paw, and well the rest is history, they were smitten!! First I had to meet their two girl Ridgebacks, Amber and Izzy, before they would take me home and although I was a little scared to begin with, I soon saw sense and decided that this could be fun!! I love them. Izzy is great fun and she will chase me for hours, and she  loves to be chased too.  Amber is fun too, but I get the feeling she is the boss, and she tells me off when I get a bit rough, but I love her anyway.

Rodney & GirlsWhen we arrived home, I spent most of the afternoon getting to know the girls, by evening I was shattered!  We went to bed, but it took me a few nights to get used to sleeping with others, until one night Amber came for a cuddle. She was really warm  and made me feel accepted and at home. Now we all sleep together on one big bed, heaven!

It did take me a few weeks to realise that when they all went out, they really were going to come back. I did bark a little, but thankfully the neighbours were understanding. Now I know that they will come back and I just snuggle up with the girls and snooze until they return.

My new Mom and Dad have three children and they were really kind and gentle with me when I first arrived, but now they love to play with me and give me just as many cuddles as Amber and Izzy get.  Emily the big girl, I think she's 11, even walks me to her school every day! Harry the boy is great at throwing balls and we spend a lots of time in the garden playing catch.

Rodney & Girls CampingI think, as a prize for me being a good boy, they took me on holiday to Wales where we stayed in a tent. How much fun was that?? We played on the beach, we ran through the sea, we snoozed in the sun and, when it went chilly they put a lovely warm coat on me. I must be a really good boy, because they even took me on another holiday to Cornwall.  We stayed in a huge farmhouse, with acres of woods and fields to play in. Mom said I was really well behaved, even better than the girls, ssshhh don't tell them!

Mom and Dad say that they can't believe that I was a stray, and that no one was looking for me. They say I am well behaved, faithful and a pleasure to own Rodney & Girls(although I must stop growling at other dogs when they run up to me, but we are working on that!) and that after four months they would never be without me, and for that I am eternally grateful to all who have helped me find my forever home.

Love and kisses from 

(Ian and Helen Sandland)

November 2012




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