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Jack & Molly

Jack and MollyIt had been over 12 months since our previous beloved Ridgeback had died of old age and I was getting serious dog withdrawal symptoms!

I had been watching the RR Rescue site for a number of months and was looking for a youngish dog when I saw Jack & Molly on there.  Somehow I knew they had our name on them, so, with my husband’s blessing, I got in touch.

A few short weeks later we arranged to ‘go & see them’ at the kennels near Stoke – a good 3 hour drive for us.

Needless to say, we were smitten at once.  They seemed so pleased that someone wanted to adopt them that they leapt into the back of our car & we didn’t have a peak out of them all the way home.

What a blessing they’ve been to us!  They settled in really quickly & took instantly to the old sofa we had placed in the hallway as their bed.  They also enjoy being in the garden watching us as we work! And of course, being Ridgebacks - they love lying in the sun.

Jack and MollyWe are fortunate to be surrounded by short & long walks all around our village & they have really enjoyed getting stuck into the smells of the local canine population - & to meet with most of them at one time or another on our walks.

I want to really thank their previous owners for training them so well – they arrived house-trained (we haven’t had a single accident!), lead-trained, good socially with other dogs & people, and very loving!  They have been a real joy to us & we consider ourselves very blessed indeed to have them.

We brought them home on 1st June, so we’ve had them over 6 months now.  I think we’ve got know most of their likes & dislikes - & their little foibles by now and we wouldn’t swap them for the world.  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt these gorgeous dogs.

Judy Kerridge
18th December 2011


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