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Our very much wanted, latest addition came into our Lives 3 months ago. We actually went to look at our girls brother, But our Ridgeback Victor did not bond on advise from Kay at the Kennels we met Emmie my husband had spotted her on our arrival sat eyeing us up from the back of her Kennel. He fell for her instantly when she came out to say Hello and Victor bonded straight away!  Funny considering Janis knew all along that we should all be together.

EmmieWe had a long car journey home and Victor and Emmie kept alternating on my lap for cuddles, You could see the fear in her eyes and she broke my heart to see how afraid she was. We settled her down at home where she met our resident Bullmastiff Duchess Kizzie, Who mothered her and still does, teaching her about playing and manners.
The Downside Emmie has had to learn how to socially interact with small children as she would growl and stand behind me. Although not any more, walking her and meeting lots of children has sorted that out. Mixing with other dogs and help from friends, who we meet to walk with there dogs has taught her how to interact with other dogs .We have a dog flap into the garden but Emmie was wetting inside every night so she now sleeps in our bedroom and sometimes turns in before us, and no more wetting we think she was just insecure.

EmmieRewards are a beautifully adjusted girl who melts all hearts, she loves her walks and comes back on recall. She is happy, contented and loves her Wheat-A-Bix on a morning, and the look of a dog that really likes you is totally priceless.

I want people who are considering getting a rescue dog to chat with Janis as it has been with out a doubt a wonderful journey with a very happy ending for us all. words seem so inadequate as to how we really feel.

Thank you again.


Helen, David, Tom, Charlie, Kizzie, Victor and Emmie
November 2010





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