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I work with a lady called Rosina Green who has ten Ridgebacks and she knew that I was interested in having a dog again.

Rosina knew that a big handsome chap called Dillon needed re homing for the third time due to his owners splitting up which meant that Dillon was being left on his own for hours and hours and was not getting the exercise or the company that he needed. He came to live with me in January of this year.

Janice sent me the paperwork for adoption as he had come from Ridgeback rescue in the first place 15 months earlier. From what I gather I am his fourth home and I will be his forever home because life without Dillon would be unthinkable! He has several pet names BG which stands for Beautiful Gorgeous and sometime he is known as Ham Head Gammon Ears! this is because he had a large wide head and ears the thickness of a gammon steak! He is loving and kind, friendly and trusting. He is as loyal as a loyal thing and just loves to eat, cuddle, sleep and go for walks which I gather are all Ridgeback traits!

Dillon in WaterSince I have had Dillon I have had him castrated with no problems and he is slightly less bouncy I also got him back up to date with his vaccinations as he came with no record of them. I live in a village and we are just a minute away from the towpath and Dillon loves nothing better than running along the towpath up to the Marina and in the summer he loves it if we call in at the pub as he really enjoys Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps or a small packet of Mini Cheddars! He has made friends in the village both dog friends and human ones and with the exception of the hysterical few who think that big must mean aggressive we have no problems.

DillonWe went to a fun dog show earlier this month where Dillon came away with five prizes!! We were most proud of his third in best condition as there was over thirty in the class and Dillon still has crusty areas on his tail end and on his elbows as a result of his previous experience. He is the light of my life and the best friend we all want in life.

Dillon also gets pocket money and he is good at saving so at Christmas he will be making a donation to your funds to help other Ridgebacks keep safe and well and find new homes.


Kathryn Whitehead
October 2010




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