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Alfie and Keeva


Having decided we were going to rescue dogs again it didn’t take long for me to decide that Ridgebacks were for us. We walk often and for long periods so I knew they would fit with our life style.

I researched the web site and spotted these two needing homes, even though there was no picture!! I phoned on Thursday, sent the application on Friday, they came for the home visit on Tuesday and Wednesday morning we got a call asking if we could collect them that day!! You do not hang about!!

As we were driving to collect two dogs we knew nothing about, to meet someone we had no idea about, based on the word of a woman we had only spoken to on the phone, it suddenly dawned on us how mad that was!! However as soon as we saw these dogs we knew we had done the right thing!

Alfie & KeevaAlfie is Mr Laid back; he jumped in the car at first asking and enjoyed the offered sausage later! Keeva was a little nervous, but the sausage worked wonders!!

As soon as we got home we went for a short walk then took them inside, after a little explore they found the sofa and that was that!! They settled really quickly and now enjoy daily walks either by the river, in the local woods [squirrel chasing is First class] or up in the hills, or a combination of all of that! Socialising with both people and other dogs, for hours!!

Most people who have these dogs know that you can not leave food about or it’s gone, we have learned that too!! After losing a chicken, half a pound of butter, a tub of chilli cheese and our friend’s rollup!! We do not leave food about now!!

Alfie & KeevaI spotted a lump on Alfie’s leg which looked suspicious so a quick trip to the vet confirmed my fears that we were dealing with a tumour. As she needed spaying we had both operations done at the same time so both could recover together. After a long week waiting for the results, it was confirmed as cancer, however the vet had removed it all and as it was localised no further treatment was necessary.

So now we get to enjoy these funny, affectionate, interesting, greedy, mad dogs for a long while yet. They are a delight and all our friends have fallen for them, we have to pretend we are not in to keep visitors away!

Keeva has come out of her shell and was Pheasant hunting up the hills, she also plays hide and seek if the wind is up! Alfie is the biggest foodie and we have to stop him putting his head in the bin! They have taken over the house and our hearts!

We can’t Thank the rescue enough, have recommended you to any one interested, and we get stopped a lot, and will come back in the future.

So from us, Alfie and Keeva, Thank you we are a Happy family

Andy and Karen
November 2010


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