Old Village Road, Little Weighton, East Yorkshire
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About us

Based in the pretty village of Little Weighton in East Yorkshire we have been running The Black Horse as an award winning food led pub for the last 8 years. Since the closure of the pub and it’s restaurant in March 2020 we have been thinking of ways to best serve our community doing the job we love in a way that indulges our passion for modern british food, whilst ensuring the safety of our staff and customers. Little Weighton Kitchen is the result.

With the mission of creating delicious, seasonal, fresh recipe kits that use local products and sustainable packaging. Little Weighton Kitchen is a recipe kit service with a difference. Our talented team of restaurant chefs have put their heads together to create recipes that will help bring restaurant quality to your everyday meals. With those wow factor elements prepped in house to help make sure every dish is special. We also make the most of our chefs years of professional kitchen experience by asking for their top tips to help you uplevel your own cooking skills and become the Head Chef at home.


As we are only a little kitchen, to ensure maximum freshness we only deliver on a Monday and a Thursday, when placing your order through our site the next available delivery dates will be presented for your choice. 

Where do we deliver? Currently we are only offering a local delivery service, with the aim to roll out a wider delivery radius in the coming months. Our current delivery radius can be seen in the image below, if you are unsure on if we cover your location please just give us a call on 01482 847473 for more information or send an email info@LWK.co.uk


Simply tell us how many people you are catering for. Choose a minimum of 3 meals from our weekly changing list of recipes. And place your order. We’ll prepare your meals and deliver them to your door. You cook the ingredients following our chef’s instructions and take all the credit of your restaurant quality meal.
No, we are currently working without a subscription service. So you will have to log on to your account each week and choose your recipes to order.
Luckily for us being born from The Black Horse Little Weighton we already have years of experience of using fresh and locally sourced ingredients under our belt, ensuring all of our suppliers adhere to the highest ethical codes and the relevant accreditations. You can find more information on our individual suppliers on our suppliers page here. We are working towards using East Yorkshire based food producers for as many of our ingredients as possible. If you represent or know of any food producers who would like to work with us please use the contact us button.
You can find out all about our sustainability efforts on this page. Link to sustainability page with some answers to key questions.
We have minimised the use of plastic throughout our packaging looking for compostable alternatives where possible. However, our main priority is making sure that our food reaches you in good condition and meets all food safety standards, because of this you will see a limited amount of plastic in your recipe kits. This plastic is recyclable in your household recycling bins and we’d love to encourage you to use these where possible. We can re-use! To help us minimise our environmental footprint, you can return the ice packs, wool blankets, and the outer box by either leaving on your door stop for collection, when your next tasty delivery is due, or ring us on 01482 847473 and we will arrange to collect.
We work on a pre-order only basis so that we can order exactly the amount we need from our local suppliers before portioning everything off and sending your way. We also work with ReFood the European market leader in food waste recycling, to ensure that any bits that get left behind can be put through their Anaerobic Digestion System to convert the waste into renewable energy.