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Below are brief details of Rhodesian Ridgebacks re-homed during 2016. We would like to offer our deepest thanks to all of their new owners for giving these boys and girls another chance.

These are the lucky ones but some are left behind; still seeking those special people to offer them another chance.

Could you be one of the special ones? If you think you could be please go to the Re-Homing Page for further details.

 Thank You.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks Re-Homed in 2016
Penny - Has found her new home!
Aged 5

We are informed that Penny is very friendly, loves attention, likes her treats and enjoys being groomed. She walks well on lead, ignoring other dogs but is very playful when off lead. She gets on well with other dogs but is inclined to chase cats.

She is wary of small children but is fine with older ones. She will bark at strangers to the house but is friendly after initial introductions are made.

Could Penny be the girl you're looking for?

13th November 2016

Re-homed November 2016

Awaiting Photograph
Morgan - Has found his new home!
Age 6

We are informed that Morgan is a friendly and lovable boy, although can be a bit boisterous at times. While he is happy to meet visitors, strangers and children, he is wary of other dogs, preferring his own company. We are told he does suffer slight separation anxiety issues.

Could this boy be for you?

13th July 2016

Re-homed August 2016

Darcy - Has found her new home!
Age 2 1/2

Information on Darcy is, at the moment, a little sketchy.

We do know that she needs to be re-homed with another dog as she suffers from separation anxiety, which can manifest itself in self harm. Apparently she is much happier when she has the company of another dog. 

Do you have the time to devote to Darcy?

3rd June 2016

Re-homed July 2016

Age 1o
Max - Have found their new home........together!
Age 7

Kaos and Max came into rescue as a result of a marriage breakup.  They are lovely boys, with nice calm temperaments.  They have lived with children and are ok with cats. Both boys are neutered. As long time companions we would like to re-home these boys together.

Do you have a Kaos and Max size sofa at home?

3rd June 2016

Re-homed June 2016

Kaos and Max
Doodle - Has been re-homed by her owner
Age 7

At the moment we have been given scant information on Doodle. It seems she needs to find a home without small children or cats, as she doesn't like either.

Are you the right person for Doodle?

3rd June 2016

Re-homed June 2016

Awaiting Photograph
Sam - Has found his new home!
Age 8

Due to a change in his owners circumstances, Sam is spending long hours at home alone.

Sam's looks and playfulness belie his 8 years. While he appears to have some semblance of training, he has good recall and will sit on command, he is something of a "puller" when on lead. This will need some work by any prospective new owner. Although somewhat aloof with other dogs and their owners, he interacted well with a young and exuberant ridgeback puppy. He is quite boisterous and, as with any big dog, this should be borne in mind as far as younger children are concerned.

Some firm and kind handling together with plenty of regular walks could see this boy blossom into a super companion.

Is Sam for you?

30th June 2015

Re-homed February 2016
Inja - Has found his new home!
Age 8

Inja, has been with us for some time now, while we have been assessing him.

We are happy that he can be re-homed, although he will need a very experienced ridgeback owner. He must go to live with someone who is firm but gentle, who will give him clearly defined boundaries and guidance, and be able to provide him with a sound and steady home. We will not re-home him with children as he has no experience of them.

Once he has made a friend of you, Inja is a lovely boy, but he does take a while to gain confidence.

30th January 2016

Re-homed February 2016
Indiana - Has found his new home!
Age 7

While Indie has lived with another dog he is a pushy chap so may do better as an only dog. He loves to have the company of his human companion and is normally fine with strangers.

He doesn't like black dogs, hates cats and has never lived with children.

Can you provide Indie with a child, dog and cat free home, where he can be the centre of your attention?

18th December 2015

Re-homed February 2016


If you feel that you can add to this list please go to the Re-Homing Page Thank You

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