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Below are brief details of Rhodesian Ridgebacks re-homed during 2015. We would like to offer our deepest thanks to all of their new owners for giving these boys and girls another chance.

These are the lucky ones but some are left behind; still seeking those special people to offer them another chance.

Could you be one of the special ones? If you think you could be please go to the Re-Homing Page for further details.

 Thank You.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks Re-Homed in 2015
Mikey - Has found his new home!
Age 6

Mikey seems like an all round "good egg", save for one specific idiosyncrasy......... He doesn't like furry boots and will nip them!

Other than that, all sounds good. He has lived with a female dog and older children but never young ones. He has good recall, is house trained but will empty bins if given the chance.

He does like to have his own blanket, which he can curl up in and suck on!

Do you have a Mikey sized bed a blanket that he might call his own?

18th December 2015

Re-homed December 2015
Freya - Has found her new home!
Age 3 years

Poor Freya needs a quite home, either as an only dog or with a very calm and confident male dog who will show her that the world isn't such a scary place. At the moment she is scared of everything, hasn't had a good start in life and clearly hasn't been socialised at all.

She has never lived with children so we will not re-home her with small children.

Do you have the time and skills to help Freya?

19th July 2015

Re-homed October 2015

Kaiser - Has found his new home!
Age 8 Years

While Kaiser appears a laid back kind of chap, he isn't coping with the kennel environment very well at all. While he has been fine with the other dogs in the kennels, he now needs his own devoted human to dote on him!

He has lived with children but apparently is prone to knocking young ones over so would best be re-homed in a home with older children, of course childless households are not precluded!

Could you accommodate Kaiser's needs?

29th August 2015

Re-homed September 2015
Tia - Has got herself a new home!
Age 8

Tia is a recent arrival at the kennels but has already managed to steal one heart! In her brief time with us she has proved gentle and very affectionate lady.

She has been bred from extensively and shows similar characteristics to Mia (now Mimi) and Phoebe, both of whom came to us from a breeding establishment and were succesfully re-homed last year. Could they be closely related, we wonder?

Would you be able to find a cosy corner for Tia?

30th June 2015

Re-homed August 2015

Flynn - Has found his new home!
Age 4 Years

Flynn has to be re-homed through no fault of his own.

He appears good with people, although with some it can take some time before he accepts them.

As yet we're not sure how he gets on with other dogs but he appears to have lacked correct socialisation in his early years.

Can you find the time a patience to help Flynn?

19th July 2015

Re-homed August 2015

Simba - Has found his new home!
Age Approximately 3 years

Sadly Simba is back with us. It seems he had a falling out with a bitch in his new home.

He has a high prey drive and cannot be re-homed with other animals or anywhere near farm animals.

We would like to re-home Simba with an experienced ridgeback person and as a single dog. Could that be you?

19th July 2015

Re-homed July 2015

Khan - Has found his new home!
Age 4

Khan and Cleo were pack mates, coming from the same home. Having little in the way of "manners" when together, it has been decided it is in the best interests of both to be to be re-homed separately.

Khan loves getting out and about for walks and with the odd exception seems very sociable with people. He is walked on a "halti harness", is an easy going boy and takes most things in his stride.

He will need an owner who has time and is prepared to work with him to continue with socialisation and obedience training. While in kennels he has learnt some basic commands, such as sit and bed, he should be reasonably easy to train with the aid of food treats. As with most ridgebacks the way to his brain is through his stomach!

Do you have the time and dedication to help Khan become a model citizen?

21st June 2015

Re-homed July 2015
Reuben - Has found his new home!
Age 10 Years

Due to a change in his owner's circumstances, Reuben is looking for a new home.

We are informed that Reuben is a very loving and laid back dog, although he does suffer separation anxiety if left for long periods. He is good with other dogs and children.

Can you offer Reuben a comfy spot for his twilight years?

20th May 2015

Re-homed July 2015

Amber - Has found her new home!
Age 3 Years

Amber has been with us in kennels for about a month. During that time she has proved to be a model citizen, friendly without being at all pushy, just generally relaxed and chilled out.

We cannot ignore what we have been told about Amber, however, this appears to be at odds with how she is in kennels and her current behaviour has been exemplary. We feel that with the right owner and in the right environment she has the potential to be a lovely companion.

Updated 23rd May 2015

Re-homed June 2015

Amber needs an owner, who ideally has experience with ridgebacks.

In the kennels she has proved laid back, not taking any notice of much at all.
We would ideally like to re-home her with an experienced owner who will be prepared to work with her and give her any support that she needs.

Amber needs to be re-homed where there are no young children, female dogs or cats.

Are you able to offer Amber a cosy home?

27th April 2015
Lucy - Has found her new home!
Age 7 Years

We are told that Lucy is friendly live and let live kind of girl.

She has lived with children and is good with other dogs. It seems she is very good natured and enjoys playing with a football.

Can you find a spot for Lucy?

17th February 2015

Re-homed June 2015
Lucy playing with a football
Amber 2 - Has found her new home!
Age 4 years

Due to a change in her owner's circumstances, Amber is looking for a new home.

We know little about her except that she has lived with a male Rhodesian Ridgeback in the past.

Might Amber be for you?

20th May 2015

Re-homed June 2015

Amber 2
Ted - His owner has managed to re-arrange things so that he can now stay at home - Hooray for Ted!
Age 5 1/2 Years

Ted is a ridgeless liver nose boy. He's looking for a new home purely because his owner's circumstances have changed.

We are informed that he has been brought up with children of all ages, cats and other dogs, and is a lovely gentle boy.

Can you fit this lad into your life?

9th May 2015

Staying at home, May 2015

Sandy - has been re-homed by her fosterer
Age 11 Years

Although only a recent arrival Sandy seems to be a very happy and friendly girl. Still quite bouncy, she loves a fuss and is very gentle.

We are told that she has lived with older children but it is not known if she has any experience of living with other dogs.

Do you have a cosy spot for Sandy?

28th November 2014

Re-homed April 2015

Simba - Has found his new home!
Age Approximately 2 to 3 years

At the moment little is known about Simba, as he came from a pound.

He will be assessed over the next couple of weeks and hopefully be available for re-homing in the new year.

Does Simba appeal to you?

19th December 2014

Re-homed January 2015
StellaStella - has been re-homed
Age 8 Years

Stella is doing well. She's still developing a little fluid for which she has been prescribed medication.

Hopefully she'll be going to her new home very soon.

Updated 28th November 2014

Re-homed December 2014

Stella is progressing well.

She has had some fluid form in the area of he wound, which is not unusual. It has been drained and most of her stitches removed. In herself she is fine, eating normally and taking gentle exercise.

No uncrossing fingers yet.........

Updated 9th November 2014

Stella continues to make good progress after her operation.

She was still a bit woozy on the day after the op, but one day on from that and she was much more her old self. She's now eating normally and even taking a gentle wander about. All in all recovery going as expected which is so good to hear.

Keep it up Stella, fingers and toes are crossed globally for you.......

Updated 26th October 2014

Arrival At Home

Here we have a couple of pictures of Stella. The first on arrival at her foster home, the second, once she'd got the staff trained!

Good luck for your operation today Stella, most of the ridgeback world is thinking of you and awaiting news with baited breath!

News Extra - Stella has had her operation! All went well, but she will stay overnight with the vet. All being well she'll go home in the morning......

Hoorah............... so far so good...........

continue reading Stella updates

If you feel that you can add to this list please go to the Re-Homing Page Thank You

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