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Below are brief details of Rhodesian Ridgebacks re-homed during 2011. We would like to offer our deepest thanks to all of their new owners for giving these boys and girls another chance.

These are the lucky ones but some are left behind; still seeking those special people to offer them another chance.

Could you be one of the special ones? If you think you could be please go to the Re-Homing Page for further details.

 Thank You.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks Re-Homed in 2011
Nisa - Happily Nisa is able to stay with her current family for the moment, and may be able to stay permanently!
Age 5 1/2 Years

Nisa is a bit of an enigma and will need an experienced owner.

We are told she is obedient and loving at home, loving human company. She is a good traveller, enjoying the car. While she has mixed with other dogs, and in fact has lived with a young male Ridgeback, she has also shown aggression to other dogs.

Do you think you have the time and more importantly the experience to help Nisa overcome her short comings?

24th July 2011

3rd November 2011
Roxy - Has found her new home!
Age Approximately 5 Years

Roxy appears to be a real sweetheart!

She is very laid back, well behaved and gets on well with children.

Can you offer her a place in your home?

24th July 2011

Re-homed October 2011

Pepper - Has found a new home!
Age Approximately 4 Years

Pepper has proved herself to be very gentle and affectionate during her stay at the kennels, with most people. Those she seems not to be overly fussed with, she ignores!

While she has lived with children and another dog we would advise not re-homing her with young children who can sometimes unnerve her.

Are your kids grown up? Would Pepper fit in with you?

15th September 2011

Re-homed October 2011
Awaiting Photograph
Hengist - Happily Hengist is now able to stay with his owner!
Age Approximately 5 Years

Hengist is looking for a new home.

We are informed that he is very friendly and loves people, although he has had little experience of children. He walks well while on lead and loves a good run. While he is fine with some dogs, there are those that he doesn't get on with.

Can you offer this handsome lad a place in your home?

12th July 2011

August 2011
Age 2 Years

Due to a change in her owners circumstances, Bindi is looking for a new home.

We are told that she is good natured with no vices. She is however, in something of a remote location, living on the Isle of Skye!

3rd July 2011

We are unable to contact Bindi's Owner, therefore can no longer offer her for adoption.

Awaiting Photograph
Hooch - Has been re-homed!
Age Approximately 7 Years

Sadly, gentle Hooch is back with us! This is due to no fault of his own.

Hooch is a gentle giant and good with children, liking nothing more than to be with his family.

Is there a place in your family for him?

24th July 2011

Re-Homed August 2011
Age 5 1/2 Years

Madison - Has found a new home!
Age 6 Years

Kellsy Currently in Kennels

Happily Madison has found her new home, but we are still looking for a home for Kellsy. Could she be for you?

Updated 21st July 2011

Having been re-homed once, directly from their original owners home, they proved to be somewhat unruly and too strong for their new owner as a pair. They are now in kennels with us.

They will probably be better re-homed individually and have been separated in preparation for this. Of course should you be an extremely experienced and knowledgeable dog person, we may still consider re-homing them together.

Updated 24th October 2010

Due to a change in their owners circumstances Kellsy and Madison are looking for a new home.

From the information we have Kellsy has no problems with children, cats, dogs or receiving visitors. Madison, while possibly a little more excitable similarly appears to have no hang ups.

These two have lived together since they were puppies, if at all possible we would like to re-home them together.

Do you have the space for these two girls?

27th February 2010

 Madison Re-homed June 2011

Kellsy & Madison 
Jack & Molly - Have found a new home!
Aged 4 & 3 Years Respectively
Male & Female

Jack and Molly have lived together all of Molly's life. Molly is 3 years old, very outgoing and loves everybody. Jack is 4 years old and more reserved. Both are Neutered.

We would like to re-home these two together. Do you have a nice corner for them to curl up in?

28th April 2011

Re-homed June 2011

Jack & Molly
Ruby - Has at last found her new home!!
Age 7 Years

Due to her owner having to work abroad, Ruby is in need of a new home.

Can you accommodate her?

31st March 2010

Re-Homed May 2011

Bailey - Has Found a New Home
Age 14 Months

Due to a change in his owners circumstances, Bailey is seeking a new home.

We are informed he is good with children and appears very happy and normal in his own environment. He is a little shy with strangers when away from the comfort of home but there doesn't appear to be any nastiness in him.

Can you offer handsome Bailey a new home?

March 2011

Lola and Bee - Have Been Re-homed
Aged 2 Years 8 Months
Females - Both Spayed

Lola (red collar) and Bee (blue collar) for the time being are being fostered.

They have settled well with an 8 year old male ridgeback and are of lovely temperament. On the whole they are adapting well to life in a the home environment, after the outside life they were used to.

Their Fosterers have been lead training them, which will need to be continued by their new owners. Recall is pretty good but they will chase poultry cats and sheep, if allowed to.

Very friendly with humans and other dogs, sometimes overly so, this will need to be worked on. They are "jumpers" so a property secured by 6' fences is recommended!

They have had the odd "chew" but this behaviour should disappear in time.


Lola and Bee are spayed litter sisters looking for a new home.

Both are good with other dogs although they will chase small mammals and poultry but have lived with a cat!

They have both been living outside but should adapt to indoor life quite readily neither of them having ever fouled their kennel.

Are either of these two young girls for you?

March 2011

Lola & Bee 
Nelson - Has Found a New Home
Age 11 Months
Male - Neutered

It seems that Nelson is a lively young man who will need an experienced owner who can show him the firm leadership he requires. He will need to be taught how to walk to heel and while he gets on fine with older children it is not known how he would be with younger ones.

Due to a change in his owners circumstances Nelson is looking for a new home. He is ridgeless and at the moment a bit shell shocked at being taken into kennels. Despite this he does appear very friendly.

March 2011

Zanzi - Has Found Her New Home
Age 6 Years

Few details of Zanzi are known to us at the moment. Apparently she is wary of some men and will probably be best suited to a quite home. Do you have one of those?

March 2011

Awaiting Photograph
Leo - Has Found a New Home
Age 6 Years

Due to a change in his owners circumstances Leo is looking for a new home. He is a liver nose, of good nature with no apparent problems

February 2011

Leo on the beach
Bronx - Has Been Withdrawn
Age 3 Years

Due to a change in his owners circumstances Bronx is looking for a new home.

He has lived with children of all ages ranging from 2 to 18 years. Good with people and other dogs but will chase cats!

Could you find space for him?

February 2011

Awaiting Photograph
Ruby 2 - Has Found Her New Home
Age 8 Years

Ruby is looking for a new home.

She has a lovely nature and is very friendly with people. She has lived with another male dog and to date, at the kennels, has not been a problem in any way.

Can you find room for Ruby?

February 2011

Awaiting Photograph
Hooch - Has Been Re-Homed
Age 6 Years

Due to his owner having to work abroad, Hooch is in need of a new home.

Can you find a place for him?

February 2011
Suki - Has Been Re-Homed
Age 5 Years

Due to a change in her owners circumstances, Suki is looking for a new home.

We are told that Suki, who is ridgeless,  is a lively outgoing girl who has been brought up with and lived with children all of her life. Although she has lived alongside another male, she needs to be introduced to other dogs very slowly before she will accept them. She cannot be re-homed where there are cats. She is spayed and up to date with all of her innoculations.

Can you find a space for her?

January 2011

Barney - Has Found His New Home
Age 4 Years

Barney is a Ridgeless Ridgeback, looking for a new home due to a change in his owners circumstances.

He appears to have a super temperament, currently enjoying being boss around by the resident bitches at the kennels. He is used to older children but has no experience of cats or other small mamals!

Fully housetrained Barney will make somebody a wonderful companion -  could it be you?

January 2011

Nell - Has Found Her New Home
Age 5 Years

Since a definitive diagnosis of her medical problem has been made, and the appropriate medication applied, Nell has come on in leaps and bounds. The medication required is not expensive and consists of a couple of doses a day, in tablet form, probably for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately it seems that she needs some help with house training issues but other than that she is brilliant with a super nature.

She does seem to be getting a little stressed in the kennel environment, so we would like to re-home her as soon as possible; could you help Nell with her house training?

Updated 24th October 2010

Nell has been with us for quite a few weeks now, has the sweetest nature and is friends with everyone at the kennels.

She has not been offered for adoption before because of some medical problems. When she came to us she had badly infected ears and was constantly rubbing her face. With the use of the prescribed medical treatment, we now seem to be getting on top of this and there has been great improvement in her condition. While this treatment will need to be continued for some time yet we feel that she is now ready for a new and caring owner.

Could Nell be for you?

January 2011

Awaiting Photograph 

If you feel that you can add to this list please go to the Re-Homing Page Thank You

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