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Rainbow BridgeRescue Rainbow Bridge

A Page in Memory of Rescues Who Have Gone to Rainbow Bridge

Photographs, together with your rescue dog's details and anything you would like to say about him/her, should be emailed to Julie Robinson at

June 2018
Owned, Loved and Missed by
Judith and Steve Kerridge


Another brave and lovely Ridgeback has been escorted with tears over the Rainbow Bridge. At the beginning of June 2018 we sadly had to say our goodbyes to our lovely Mikey, and we still very much miss him being around. Why do they always take a part of your heart with them?

We adopted Mikey in December 2013 when he was about 6 years old and we became the proud parents of the loveliest natured Ridgeback you could hope to meet. He was a real gentle giant, who loved his walks and especially loved to find the other dog walkers who he knew carried treats in their pockets! He was shameless in nudging their coats until they gave him something! All the locals greeted him as their special personal friend and in true Ridgeback fashion he milked that to the utmost!

Mikey was never the prettiest of Ridgebacks, with his lumps and bumps and a wonky ridge, but what he lacked in the glamour stakes he more than made up for in character! The only times I ever saw him adopt an aggressive stance was if I was out walking him alone in the countryside and he saw a man without a dog coming towards us.

Walking in the rain was a definite “no no” in his book. One day it rained hard nearly constantly all day, but there appeared a lull at mid afternoon. I popped his lead on and walked him to the local community orchard to stretch his legs. No sooner had we arrived than the heavens opened again – big time! We took shelter in the cart shed. Home was less than 5 minutes walk away, but there was no way Mikey was leaving the shelter of the shed until the rain stopped! I got one his disdainful looks!! How could a Ridgeback possibly be expected to get soaked? Eventually I had to phone my husband who got the car out to come and fetch us!

Mikey simply loved being outdoors in good weather and would choose to lay in the garden for hours, either on the lawn, or under some bushes if he wanted shade. He was so happy being outside, not wanting to come in at night, that we eventually bought a kennel and allowed him to sleep out there in the summer months. He was so good, we knew he wouldn’t bark and wake the neighbours in the night. But, being a lover of his comforts, he was to be found to be in front of the open fire in the winter months.

He was a lovely, charming and gentle boy and we miss him.

Judith & Steven Kerridge, July 2018


February 2018
Owned, Loved and Missed by
Laura and Matthew Bateman

Mara:  My loyal companion…  always greeted me at the foot of the stairs in the morning and met me at the door when I came in, she lay by my feet as I worked on the computer or in the garden and settled with me beside the fire every evening, always up for a play fight with my son or hide and seek in the house or meadow.  Twice, without any word from me she moved to protect me when I was threatened, my comfort when I was down, my joyous friend when I wanted to dance, we often sat side by side on a hill to contemplate the view.  I used to wonder what information she picked up with her gently twitching nose as she leant against me and gazed across the valley.  With her undoubted sense of humour and gentle empathy, my son’s best friend as he grew up, she was never, ever just a dog.

It is 11 years ago now since I made the life changing journey to collect the sweetest-natured, 10 month old Masai Mara from her foster home, and she hasn’t left my side ever since.  She was a delinquent initially, with boundless energy and a few insecurities, but she quickly grew to trust us and settled into our rural life.  She had a natural air of dignity and humility (except when she farted!).  Now there is a massive void and the heart seems to have gone from my home.  After battling a lung tumour and slight dementia for a year she became too unsteady on her feet and started to fall over, so was put peacefully to sleep in my arms at home.  My son and I buried her by starlight that night at the top of the hill behind our house and built a cairn I can see from the bedroom.  I am alone for much of the time, but could never be lonely with Mara at my feet.  I still have a collie, who is very sweet, but I miss her special connection and loyalty as she always seemed to sense what I was thinking.  I feel very blessed to have had her in my life and have so many special memories of our time together.

Run free my sweetheart x

23rd February 2018


November 2017
Owned Loved and Missed by Shelley & Dave

Many of you may well have followed Henry's story on Facebook. For those that didn't, while Henry was a relatively young dog, he came to us in the first stages of heart failure. How much time he had left was impossible to tell, it could have been days or considerably longer.

An appeal was put out on Facebook for a special foster home that would take Henry and give him the love and affection that this gentle soul deserved for whatever time he had left. This could have been days or years, there was no way of telling. That special foster home was found in the guise of Shelley and Dave to whom we will be forever grateful.

In the event Henry's time with Shelley and Dave was only a matter of days. Having initially done well, eating well and putting on weight, he then took a turn for the worse. It was discovered that the poor boy had a football sized abdominal tumor for which surgery was out of the question, because of his weakened heart. It was kinder to let him go while being cuddled in Shelly and Dave's protective arms. Tragic.

1st December 2017


SidZeus aka Sid
September 2017
Owned Loved and Missed by Margaret Wood

After just only 7 weeks of rescuing Zeus aka Sid from you, I lost him yesterday 04.09.17.

After all he had been through he came to trust and love me as I did him. I knew when I rescued him that he did have problems but I felt sure with a loving home in a peaceful rural village that he would be happy and he was, he was so laid back and very content. He will be sorely missed.

4th September 2017


HoochHooch and Harvey
July 2017
Owned Loved and Missed by Eileen & Geoff Phillips

There's an old saying that lightning never strikes twice. Not true. Eighteen months ago we lost our much-loved Hooch (Top Pic) - a true gentleman, handsome prince and perfect ambassador for the breed - to extensive osteosarcoma at the age of 11. He never mentioned his pain until just two weeks before the diagnosis, which came at far too late a stage to save him.

And now we have lost Harvey (Bottom Pic), who came to us two months after we lost Hooch, to lymphoma, only three weeks after a sudden and uncharacteristic bout of heavy drinking (water, you understand) alerted us to there being something amiss. He was put to sleep, in our presence, just a day after his 7th birthday.

What is it about these animals that makes them so stoical you don't get the chance to resolve their issues before it's Harveytoo late, and they leave you heartbroken and desperately wondering was there something you missed earlier?

While Harvey hadn't quite got Hooch's quiet but commanding presence (something to do with the biggest bark of any Ridgeback we've ever heard, maybe?) he was no less loved, and not just by us. Rainbow Bridge has gained another wonderful, cheeky, playful, loud boy.

Eileen and Geoff Phillips

4th July 2017

September 2016

Brewster 10 Years Old

Sadly, after a short but devastating illness and before a suitable home could be found for him, Brewster has made the journey over Rainbow Bridge.

This terrible turn of events occurred while still in the care of his loving owners; owners who were searching for a new home for Brewster only because of a serious change in their circumstances. Brewster was dearly loved to the end.

Rest in Peace Dear Boy
The Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Support and Rescue Trust Team


June 2016
Owned Loved and Missed By Steve & Sue Morton

Harvey came to us aged 5 years old almost 6 years ago. We could tell immediately that he had a lovely temperament. He did suffer separation anxiety which took a lot of time patience and understanding to overcome. Eventually, however, he became used to being left. With the radio for company and using a set routine he would happily curl up in his bed and wait for our return. When out walking in the countryside or on a beach we would often think he had wandered off to do his own exploring only to look around to find he was trotting along either beside us or directly behind.

He was a big favourite in the village and as he aged and become less able to walk long distances people were always asking about him if he had not been seen for a while.

Finally the dreaded day came to say good-bye to our lovely boy. We arranged for the vet to euthanase him at home. He even took a look in the vets bag to see if there were any treats for him, sadly there was to be no more for him. We chose a spot in the  garden under an apple tree, it was a beautiful sunny day and he had a very peaceful end, He was so loved by everyone, dog-walking friends have even called round to see his last resting place. He is buried alongside our other ridgeback Jake who lived to be 12 and a half.

Harvey has left a huge hole in our lives but many paw-prints on our hearts, we are grateful for the 6 years he gave us.

Steve and Sue Morton
29th June 2016


February 2016
Owned Loved and Missed By Martin & Nina Foran

Ronnie 3 yrs old 14/08/2012-16/02/2016

Just before Christmas our boy Ronnie started to vomit and drink gallons. We took him to the vets who took bloods and urines samples and told us not to panic, only  to ring during my hospital appointment a few days later and tell me he was very sick indeed. He was in 'end stage' renal failure and liver failure. Medication didn't work at all. We put him on minced raw chicken and tripe instead of bones and carcasses and he was managing okay, was still bouncing around like an idiot until yesterday. My husband came up to tell me Ronnie couldn't get up, he was vomiting and had diarrhoea. I went down to see my sweet boy and he lay still and wagged his tail delicately. His face said it all, it was time to say good bye. We drove to the vets with my six year old son, Ronnie's best mate. Our Joe announced to the surgery, we had come to put Ronnie to sleep. When it was time to go, Ronnie refused to be carried and wobbled through to the waiting room, stopped, let out a sigh. My husband said gently 'come on boy' and a lady waiting started to bawl. Joe insisted he go in whilst the vet sedated him, he took his poor and said 'its okay Ronnie, it broke my heart. I sit here sad that he's gone, but proud to have enjoyed him. What a wonderful dog. Always in our hearts. Gone too young, but never forgotten.

 Martin and Nina Foran
17th February 2016


Jack & Molly
December 2015
Owned Loved and Missed By Judith & Steven Kerridge

Jack & MollyWe rescued Jack (4) & Molly (3) in June 2011, they were lovely vibrant young dogs.  They’d been in kennels several months as they’d always lived together and it was hoped they could be re-homed together.  We fell in love with them on sight and there was never any real danger we would return home alone after ‘going to see them’! They decided quickly that we would make suitable (pliable, gullible!) parents, so they adopted us!
We loved them to bits – enjoying long walks around the Cambridgeshire countryside where we lived, and cuddling with them in the evenings.  They loved to snooze in the sunshine and keep guard when we were gardening – keeping all the vicious predators at bay!
Jack was very tall, with very long legs, and he looked just like Disney’s Goofey when he ran – he could out-run Molly any time he chose, but mostly he couldn’t be bothered with all that extra activity!  Molly was a complete humbug when the March hares were about – she loved a good chase!  Needless to say, she never caught one - but could easily cross 2-3 fields in the attempt.  With her shorter stature Molly would walk under Jack’s belly – they were such a comical pair and never more so than when they were wrestling each other for fun!
In September 2013 we noticed Jack had some lumps in his throat area. We took him to the vet, who said “I don’t think it’s anything to worry about – but I’ll just take a swab for analysis, just in case”. Two days later they rang back to say “I’m really sorry, but Jack has lymphoma – it’s terminal”.  We were devastated.  I asked how long he’d got – thinking we were looking at a few months and she said “6 weeks”.  NO!  He was only 6 years old.

Jack & MollyIt was awful.  He lasted 9 weeks, bravely keeping going with Molly’s love and ours too, but late November 2013 we had to take him for that one-way trip to the vets.  We were in pieces, but it was possibly worse for Molly who never really did get over losing him.

We then rescued Mikey in December 2013 in an effort to help Molly and heal our hearts, but although Mikey & Molly tolerated each other, he wouldn’t allow her to cuddle up to him like she did with Jack.

Never-the-less, we lived fairly peacefully together until one day in September 2014 when Molly was sick.  We didn’t panic at first as Molly was always a bit of a scrounger and was often sick – but on this particular day she got very ill very fast – and was clearly in a lot of pain!  The vets kept her in for further investigation thinking she had an obstruction, but when they operated they discovered she had a twisted bowel, such as horses get.  They managed to straighten her out and expected her to make a full recovery, but at the very time we should have been bringing her home, she went downhill and died.  We believe she died of a broken heart for Jack.

So – now it’s just us and Mikey.  Mikey is quite happy to be an only dog – he doesn’t like lots of fuss but is quietly affectionate in his own very gentle way.  He loves his daily walk and curling up in what used to be my favourite reading chair!  We still miss Jack & Molly who would have been 8 and 7 by now – Ridgebacks never let go of your heart do they?
Judith & Steven Kerridge

1st December 2015


December 2015
Owned Loved and Missed By Craig & Shona Massey

It is with our deepest sadness that our brave boy Arthur has lost his year long fight with his battle against  cancer, Arthur came in to our life and hearts when they needed filling and brought us great joy and happiness and I would like to think in return we filled his empty heart with happiness, we will always treasure the time he gave us and our hearts are broken that he is no longer here.

18th November 2015


November 2015
Owned Loved and Missed By Debra Radford

My name's Debra Radford. Some years ago I drove from Surrey to Scotland to help rescue a Ridgeback dog called Simba. On getting home after hours driving decided not to drop him of at your Assessment kennels in Stoke but took him home to surrey on the pretence he didn't eat my cats...

He did chased my big black cat Down the garden but then she stopped turned round and smacked him on the noise he run upstairs & hid under the bed till break fast the next morning & was rather respectful around her ever since.

I renamed him Zac and he stayed. He's been my closet companion & dearest loved friend ever since but sadly was laid to rest yesterday after a stroke. He  was a wonderful kind loving dog and will be greatly missed by every one he knew & met. He'll be missed greatly at foal farm rescue where we both volunteered on Thursday.

He had a big fan club every body loved him. Not even his dog sitters would take payment for looking after him Thank you So much for helping me find him.

Kind Regards
Debra Radford

29th October 2015


September 2015
Owned Loved and Missed By Eileen & Geoff Phillips

December 2004 - 24th September 2015

Kiera, made old before her time due to the appalling puppy farm trade. She was known affectionately as ‘Titch’ due to her small stature. Rescued by M&NRRSRT Kiera came to us on 29th May 2012 (shortly after the loss of our beautiful Fern) after emergency surgery to remove the dead puppies she had carried for at least two months.

Terrified of men, dogs, outdoors and the dark, over time she learned from the ever-chilled Hooch that no-one in her new home would hurt her.

Hooch guided and protected her when in the scary outdoors and taught her to trust humans again, but she never grasped the concept of play or toys.  She did however, master the art of hogging the whole settee, in that respect she was all Ridgeback!

The physical effects of her imprisonment would never wholly heal. A fantastic vet, good quality raw food, exercise, hydrotherapy and Galen massage could not fix the neurological damage of being contorted in cramped conditions for so many years. She never re-gained the feeling in her back leg and so her gait was always odd.
With her ‘wonky’ ridge, cauliflower ears (from deep seated untreated infections) and low slung undercarriage (from one can only guess at the number of puppies she was forced to have) she was never going to win the most beautiful Ridgeback competition, but we and many others couldn’t fail to love her, especially when she looked at you with her pleading eyes.

The past three years have gone by in the blink of an eye. I wish I had recorded more of the amazing progress Kiera made. The highlight has to be Crufts 2014 when she and Hooch represented M&NRRSRT on the breed rescue stand. Kiera positively relished the attention of the very many people who came to the stand and made a fuss of her. What a transformation from the girl 2 years before who could not bear to be touched by men and certainly not ones who leaned over a barrier to reach her. We were so proud of her.

Love them while you can, you never know when their last day with you will be.
Taken without warning on 24 September 2015.

Love you always Kiera.
Eileen and Geoff, Hooch and Tess xx


Kamara & Tigger

September 2015
Owned Loved and Missed By Julie Robinson

Today I've had my heart broken again for the second time in a year. My beautiful boy Kamara passed away at home after a year long battle with cancer.

He came into my life in 2009, after his family were moving abroad for work. The typical teenaged hoodie, with no manners, stroppy attitude & boundless energy, something of a hand full you would say !! The first few months weren't easy, in fact they were very tough, until I sought the help of a brilliant dog psychologist called Jim, and with lots of love and understanding he helped me to turn my hooligan into the most wonderful dog anyone could ever wish for, and to him I will be for ever indebted.

Kamara was such a sweet boy who loved everyone, he wanted nothing more than cuddles and love, which he got loads of. His favourite past time was going in the car, he was oh so happy when I said "shall we go in the car".....he couldn't get out of the house fast enough !! His favourite food was chees, he adored it and he could smell it a mile away, the minute the fridge door was opened and I reached for the cheese, he was there, sat right in front of me waiting for a piece. He was my special boy, one truly amazing dog.

I love you little man, thank you for all the happy years you were with me, I will miss you so much xx

Kamara 27/08/2006 - 27/09/2015

October 2014
Owned Loved and Missed By Julie Robinson

My little girl Tigger, she sadly lost her life at grand old age, again to cancer, of which we knew nothing about until her final day with us.

When she arrived she was such a timid little girl, who flourished so much during her seven years with me. She used to jump for joy (just like Tigger from the jungle book) when we were going for a walk or doing something exciting, we called her our dancing queen!!

Tigger loved to chase, she spent many hours running through the woods chasing squirrels and pigeons! Sunbathing was her favourite past time, whenever the sun came out she'd trot out to the garden and take her place next to the flower bed, only coming in when the sun had gone down. She was my introduction to Ridgebacks, and she certainly made sure that there will be no other breed for me apart from Ridgebacks.

Go chase some squirrels my dancing queen x

Tigger 13/01/2003 - 07/10/2014

Both Kamara & Tigger went everywhere with me, they were my family, my best friends. I loved them both oh so much.

We've been all over the country to events representing Ridgeback Rescue, what wonderful rescue dogs they were, it was an absolute honour to own them both. Thanks as always goes to Janice Ellis for bringing my two rescue ridgies into my life, you work so hard for rescue, you are a truly amazing lady.

RIP my fur babies I love you both xx


May 2015
Owned Loved and Missed By
Helen & Simon Pettengell

We are devastated to have lost our darling rescue boy, Dillon, this month at the age of 11.

He came to us in 2008 as a bundle of energy with a wonderful nature with humans but no manners at all towards other dogs! We were segregated in training classes to begin with and were told by our trainer that Dillon would never have any friends but, as you can see, she was very wrong!  My patient friend and her much missed little dog, Hattie, walked with us most mornings and gradually he learnt how to behave. The photo above shows him at his holiday home with some of his fellow holiday pals. Not only did he make friends but through him we made wonderful lifelong friends as well.

Thankfully he did not suffer and, although he had slowed down, he was walking, eating and enjoying life right up to his last day. It was hard to believe he was as poorly as he was and for that we are so grateful.

Simon and Helen Pettengell


February 2015
Owned Loved and Missed By
Fiona & Andy Jay

We sadly had to say goodbye last month to our beloved rescue ridgeback Ellie (rehomed June 2009)

She was the kindest, most gentle girl and although when she had 3 owners before us through no fault of her own, we were honoured to give her a forever home and she brought such joy to our lives for 5.5 years. She was our substitute child and we planned everything around her, including our days off and even where we live. She was spoilt with her own sofa, our kingsize bed and a log fire and it is a comfort to us now that she was so loved and had a fantastic life with us.

We will always be eternally grateful for Midland and Northern Ridgeback Rescue, esp Janice Ellis, for introducing us to Ellie and Ridgebacks as well as the advice and support given.

In time, we will be ready to give a forever home to another RR but Ellie will always have a special place in our hearts.

Fiona & Andy Jay 


November 2014
Owned Loved and Missed By
The Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Support and Rescue Trust

It is with regret that we have to report the sad news of Elsa crossing Rainbow Bridge.

Elsa had suffered a long standing problem with a trapped nerve in her spine. Her back end quite suddenly gave out on her just last week. She couldn't get up, neither would she eat. Sadly, the vet recommended the kindest course of action was to help her on her way across Rainbow Bridge. We are so sorry Elsa......

The Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Support and Rescue Trust Team



October 2014
Owned Loved and Missed By
Karen and Andy

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that we lost Alfie last week. We rescued him with Keeva in 2010.

He has been the most wonderful dog, described recently as  ’A gentle Giant’ and ‘A hound of Noble Bearing’. He was 11 years old and has for the past 4 years walked Everywhere! His gentle nature and funny ways made him the favourite with most of our friends and the best with the children.

Both Keeva, and our other rescue Ruby have been noticeably subdued, and we are still weeping. However when we talk about him we smile and know that Alfie is making someone, somewhere smile.

Thank you for your work and Alfie
Karen and Andy.


July 2014
Owned Loved and Missed By
Pat Akers

It is with regret that I have to report the sad passing of my beautiful boy Regi.

It has taken me some time to pluck up the courage to do this as I was deeply affected by his loss. We had him some 4 years but it felt as though he was always ours...he was made for my family and his beloved Ndidi has been lost without him by her side. And our 2 yr old Dogue de Bordeaux, Dolly,( she thinks she is a RR) whom he helped to raise, has lost her Daddy Regi, the girls still look for him and Dolly has his pillow now for her own.

He was the most beautifully gentle big softi and I adored him from the moment we met, as did Ndidi. I shall hold him in my heart forever and one day will be able to cuddle up to him again.

Thank you for allowing him to come into my life.

Pat Akers


April 2014
Owned Loved and Missed By
The Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Support and Rescue Trust, Kennel Team

Max came to us in an undernourished condition and was a bit unsteady on his feet. Initially it was thought he may have "wobblers syndrome" but with an improved diet and a course of medication he improved tremendously. With his gentle ways and lovely nature he would have proved a wonderful companion.

Sadly, it wasn't to be. Poor Max's condition all of a sudden deteriorated, to the point where he was in a lot of pain, so much so it was considered kindest to help him cross the bridge. As can be imagined, everyone involved with Max is devastated by the outcome for the poor boy.

Run free now beautiful boy, them old legs wont hurt you anymore and we'll always be here when you visit.

The Kennel Team.


March 2013
Owned Loved and Missed By
Rowena and Barbara Summers

In late 2005 my mum sadly lost her beloved Skeii after a stroke. Having owned Ridgebacks for a number of years she said that she couldn't live without a Ridgeback in her life. So she phoned Janice and said she was happy to take on an older dog.

A short while later the call came that there was a bitch in a rescue kennel in North Nottinghamshire. So off we went knowing very little information. The lady that owned the rescue place had owned a Ridgeback before and when she saw her took her into her own home. At that time she was called Gerty probably because she was a bit dirty when she was picked up, half starved, scars on her legs, no muscle tone at all, flattest feet I have ever seen on a dog, and she had at some had puppies as she had the undercarriage of a dairy cow. She was very insular and curled into a very very small dog bed. She was very wary of men and even when the ladies husband went to pick up the remote TV control she cowered. She couldn't eat normal dog food and had to be fed vegetables and other bits with a gradual introduction of a complete food.

When we arrived she called her outside and well she ran round and round like a whirling dervish - she was fast but very un-coordinated in fact a bit like Scooby doo. Having heard her story she came home that day. My father said whats her name ? Gerty they called her - to which she responded but dirty Gerty didn't seem right so trying different things Gee-Tee worked. She was so loving and kind and gentle and my dad fed her every day so that she was no longer afraid of him. However it became apparent there was a real fear of lorries and when the dustmen arrived each week she shook so much, she even hid in the wardrobe one day. My poor dad one morning going to feed the birds put a woolley hat on his head as it was cold and as he came down the stairs she saw him and was so frightened she nearly did a wall of death around the house. So the next day my dad sat in the kitchen in front of her and said " look I am going to put my hat on" she followed him down the garden to feed the birds. She loved the company of my dogs 3 fauves and a mini Dachshund and if mum went away Gee-Tee would come to me for sleepovers my dogs just loved her. Everyone in my mums village knew her and she was so gentle with everyone she met, so loving and kind. We can only imagine what she had endured before she was found as no-one really knows. But with my mum and my  late father she was loved and spoiled, the sofa and a log fire and care love and kindness is what she had up to Good Friday 2013 when she passed over the Bridge. Running free, loved forever and reunited with my dad.

Rowena and Barbara Summers.


June 2013
Owned Loved and Missed By
Robert and Marie Sharp


I just thought I would drop you a line to thank you again for letting us share our lives with Roadie who we rescued just over 10 years ago from near Middlesbrough with your help.

Sadly we had to take the decision to have him put to sleep a couple of weeks back due to his health deteriorating to a point where he was just existing. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as he was such a light in our lives.

A once proud and powerful dog had been ravaged by several tumours and had fought for nearly 2 years since becoming ill but sadly at the grand age of 11 he ran out of fight.

The house feels empty without him and our surviving Ridgey Asha seems ready to pounce on him when she walks in the room.

I have enclosed one of my favourite pictures of him which is how we remember him.

Robert and Marie Sharp  


Kimba - Having a RollKimba
03/01/1996 - 09/11/2010
Owned, Loved and Sorely Missed By
Jean & Derek Smith and Family

Our Sweet Kimba

Don’t wait for us our Kimba, our sweet
Across the bridge are friends to meet
Your mum and me will be just fine
Look at your eyes how now they shine

Restored once more with healthy glow
It hurt so much to let you go
But go you must to show the way
We’ll join you there, one fine day

Rosko awaits to play old games
No longer allowed by your creaking frame
Misty and Smokey both wait to renew
That special bond they had with you

Old Simba is there, who never you met
Don’t worry he’s nice, no need to fret
Twas you that gave us all a new start
When Simba crossed over and broke our hearts

There’ll be Rabbits, Hamsters and old Trixie to
You'll not know them but they'll know you
So many a friend will you find that you have
And we’ll always love you, your mum and your dad

Author Derek Smith
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