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NEWS 2009

12.12.2009 Mia's Story added to the Rescue Stories Page

Zimba - 9 Year Old
Recently Re-Homed
Great news, Zimba and Charlie have found new homes; Shaka & Satara have been found a new home together by their owners!!

There are still some older ladies and gentlemen that need a nice cosy spot to call their own. Can you help any of them??

04.12.2009  Mia has found her new home!
30.11.2009 Details of Shaka and Satara added to the Re-Homing Page

22.11.2009 Charlie's details updated.

19.11.2009 Details of Charlie added to the Re-Homing Page

12.11.2009 Meg has found her new home!!

Details of Zimba and Mia added to Re-Homing Page.

28.10.2009 Details of Mika and Twister added to the Re-Homing Page
Cheque Presentation
Linda Thomas Presents Janice Ellis of Ridgeback Rescue
With a Cheque for £1,300 - More Here
Page added for Our 2009 Open Show in Aid of Rescue. Full Details Here
22.10.2009 JakeOn Sunday 4th October At the Corby Dog Show, organised and administered by Neil & Linda Thomas, Rescue Ridgeback Jake was placed 1st in his class!!

It really does make the emotional highs and lows associated with rescue all the more worthwhile when something such as Jake's win occurs.

Well done to you Jake, and your "Man" on a wonderful achievement

More about Jake here

08.10.2009 Bodie has found a new home!!

Details of Meg and Ozzie added to the re-homing page

21.09.2009 Details of Bodie added to Re-Homing Page
09.09.2009 Two boys, Arnold and Rio have found new homes!
25.08.2009 Following the success of our Open Show held last October in Support of Midlands & Northern Ridgeback Rescue, we are doing it all again this coming October!!

Dog RunningThis years show is to be held on Sunday 11th October at Sandiacre Friesland Sports Centre, Nursery Avenue, Sandiacre, Derby NG10 5AE, where our judge will be Mrs Judith Brownlee (Jambaro)

As with last year all proceeds will be credited to the rescue fund as will any donations which will be gratefully received. Why not come along to support rescue and at the same time have an enjoyable day in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Directions to the show:- M1 Junction 25, take 2nd Exit. Bostocks Lane for 0.37 miles. Traffic Lights turn right onto Derby Road (B5010) for 0.07 miles, Left onto Nursery Ave.

Full Details and Schedule Here
Entry Form Here

21.08.2009 DogTwo more Fun Dog Shows in support of Midlands & Northern Ridgeback Rescue, Grantham Dog Training Club and Corby Glen Sheep Fair!

On Sunday 20th September 2009 The Burton Coggles Dog Show at Burton Coggles Village Hall. Full details here

On Sunday 4th October 2009 The Corby Glen Dog Show in conjunction with Corby Glen Sheep Fair. Full details here

Why not come along, early Autumn is a lovely time of the year for a great day out. All dogs, both pedigree and non pedigree, are welcome at both shows.

17.08.2009 Details of Rio added to the Re-Homing Page

Zac's Storey added to the Rescue Successes Page

14.08.2009 "Ridgebacks Closing"We are pleased to announce a Grand Auction to take place at our Open Show on Sunday 11th October 2009!

The auction will consist of just one very special lot, measuring 15.5" x 19.5", a Limited Edition Print by Roger Inman entitled "Ridgebacks Closing".

All funds raised from the auction and indeed from the show itself will go to the rescue fund.

Full Auction Details Here

28.07.2009 Good News! Enzi and Polly have found their new homes. Unfortunately this leaves Polly's brother Arnold still looking for a home of his own. We had hoped to re-home these two together but this proved impossible.

Can you offer seven year old Arnold a cosy corner?
21.07.2009 They're are at it again! Neil & Linda Thomas have organized their third show this year in support of Rescue!

DogThe Irnham Dog Show which is open to Pedigree and Non Pedigree Dogs will take place on Sunday 2nd August 2009 at The Griffin Inn, Irnham, Lincolnshire

The perfect opportunity to combine a fun competition with the odd sherbet! Not too many mind, wouldn't be fair to the dogs!!

Full Details Here

20.07.2009 Stop Press! The Final Total Raised for Rescue at the Hendwick Hall Fun Day amounted to £1,002.63!
More Here

14.07.2009 Judge and HelpersReport on Linda & Neil Thomas' Companion Dog Show in support of Rescue, held 31st May 2009 added.
09.07.2009 Rescue ParadeReport on Fun Day 2009 added
07.07.2009 Good news, Edie is now able to stay with her owners!
20.06.2009 Good News! Sasha 3, Ellie and Becks have found new homes!

Not so good news, Enzi's re-homing did not work out and consequently he is back at the kennels.

09.06.2009 Hot on the heels of their last fund raising event, Neil & Linda Thomas have organized another show in support of Rescue!

The Morton Dog Show which is open to Pedigree and Non Pedigree Dogs will take place on Saturday 11th July 2009 in conjuction with the Morton Street Fayre at Morton, Lincolnshire.

Linda herself will be judging so why not pop along with your four legged friend for an enjoyable day out.

Our thanks to all class sponsors, Full Details Here.

09.06.2009 Both Enzi and Durban have found new homes!
26.05.2009 Details of Edie and Arnold & Polly added to the re-homing page

ElliePhotograph of Ellie added to her details
14.05.2009 Details of Enzi added to Re-Homing Page
06.05.2009 Kinza and Else have found knew homes!!
04.05.2009 Upcoming Events page updated. Details of the Fun Day in aid of Rescue to be held on 5th July are now available.

, Tia and Skipper are still missing. Please checkout the Missing Dogs Page

28.04.2009 ElseDetails of Else added to the re-homing page
21.04.2009 It seems that the incidences of missing Rhodesian Ridgebacks are on the increase. In view of this we have added a "Missing Dogs" page which will hold a record of those reported to us.
16.04.2009 Happily both Elsa and Max have found new homes
11.04.2009 Committee Members List updated on Contact Page
08.04.2009 Neil & Linda Thomas have become major contributors to our fund raising efforts! Their next production for our benefit is a Companion Dog Show on 31st May 2009 at Ingoldsby, near Grantham, Lincolnshire.

If you are interested in a fun day out why not pop along with your dog, all are welcome and who knows, you could win the "Waggiest Tail" could your dog!!

Full details here

08.04.2009 Kamara has found a home with Tigger, a previous adoptee! While early days all seems to be working out well.
03.04.2009 Missing Dog - CaraMissing - Cara

Cara was lost at Whisby Nature Park, near Lincoln on Friday 3rd April at approximately 10.30am. She was seen at the car park there at 11am by other dog walkers.

Cara is only 21 moths old and is usually very friendly, although we fear that she may be getting quite frightened by her potential situation now.

If anyone should see her please get in touch with:

Michelle Grant: 07796 567304

Joe Grant: 07732 306420

Home: 01522 869267

Further Details on the Dogs Lost Web Site
01.04.2009 Bez has found a lovely new home.

Dave's story has been added to the Rescue Successes Page. What a character he sounds!!
28.03.2009 Suddenly over the last week or so there has been a surge in the number of ridgebacks that need re-homing. Details of Becks, Durban, Elsa, Kamara and Ellie have been added to the re-homing page.

Sasha's owner has been in touch and she is still looking for a new home for her.
10.03.2009 Mea

Lovely little Mea's Story has been added to the Rescue Successes Page. Another tale that while tugging at the heart strings makes all that we do worth while. 
02.03.2009 Picture of Max added to Re-Homing page

25.02.2009 Rescue Report

During the last year a total of 67 Ridgebacks have been re-homed by Midlands & Northern Rescue. The vast majority of these having settled immediately with their new owners.

Our financial position is much improved from our impoverished state of this time last year and thanks are due to all our friends and supporters who helped in whatever way to achieve this. However, with the current financial climate it is expected that further demands will be made on our resources. We cannot afford to become financially complacent and to this end any further help and support that you can give will be extremely welcome.

One innovation that has already been implemented is the "Small Change Bucket" which will be in evidence at all of our events!

17.02.2009 Details of Max added to re-homing page.

And it's time to keep the Kleenex to hand again! Both Jake's and Tigger's tales have been added to the Rescue Success Stories.
02.02.2009 Lenny has found a new home as a single dog and therefore will have exclusive rights to fuss over his very own people!
26.01.2009 Kinza is now in kennels and her details have been updated

Details of the Summer Fun Day in Support of Rescue added to Upcoming Events Page
21.01.2009 Link to Solar's Story added to the Rescue Successes Page, but keep the Kleenex handy (other brands of tissue are available). It does have a happy ending though!!!
19.01.2009 Dave in his new homeDave has been re-homed. Here he is home!!!
15.01.2009 Photo of Dave added to re-homing page.
14.01.2009 Photo of Holly added to recently re-homed page.
12.01.2009 "No Name Girl" has been re-named Holly and has found a new home already!

"No Name Boy" is now known as Bez, but is still looking for a new home.
12.01.2009 New page added for dogs Re-Homed in 2008.
11.01.2009 Details on Lenny updated.
11.01.2009 MeaMea has found a lovely home with experienced ridgeback people. Early indications are that she has settled in well!!
06.01.2009 Happily the six month old male missing from Horton, Leighton Buzzard has been re-united with his family! Details on the Dog Lost Web Site
30.12.2008 Details of "No Name Boy" and "No Name Girl" added to the Re-homing Page

Reported missing from Horton, Leighton Buzzard; Boy, a six month old Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog. Missing since 3oth December 2008, more details on the Dog Lost Web Site

Reported missing from Abertillery, South Wales; Tia, a six year old Rhodesian Ridgeback Bitch. Missing since 25th December 2008, more details on the Dog Lost Web Site.


Breed Council

The Breed Council representing all four Rhodesian Ridgeback Clubs in Britain meets twice a year to discuss all Rhodesian Ridgeback related issues. Its function is to collate the collective views of all clubs and present them to The Kennel Club. News of The Breed Council activities will be posted as available.


Discover Dogs

Discover Dogs is becoming increasingly popular. In future on ridgeback day at Crufts, the stand will be manned, and ridgebacked, by some of our Rescue Rhodesian Ridgebacks (check out their stories). We also attend Discover Dogs at Earls Court, London, in November and in May we represent Rhodesian Ridgebacks at the "All About Dogs" exhibition in Essex. We always need people to help with these events so if you would care to volunteer your services for a couple of hours it will alleviate the strain on the regulars who do a full days stint, which is unfair on their Ridgebacks. With hundreds of people milling around asking questions, some sensible, some ridiculous, even Ridgebacks get tired out. As long as your dog is "bombproof" and you like talking (and lets face it what RR owner doesn't) Please offer to help.


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