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Fun Day 2011

AgilityIts hard to believe that another year has flown by and its time for the Annual fun day which is held yearly courtesy of John and Cheryl Mackfall at their lovely home in North Yorkshire. This year the event was held on the 14th August and after some rather unsettled weather we where blessed with two days of good weather. To make this event the success it is, a lot of hard work goes into setting up the event before the big day. This day is getting more popular every year and despite the country being in a recession we still had over 180 people and their dogs attending on the day. On the day all dogs are classes as honorary ridgebacks so as lots of ridgeback owners have other breeds of dogs some of our winners were not ridgebacks.
As usual we had the very popular tombola and a fantastic array of Raffle prizes, plus guess the weight of a box of goodies which was won by Joint winners Chris Geldart and Andy Thompson. Janice was also in attendance with her rescue stall.

As we never know what the weather may bring participators are asked to bring Gazebo’s if they have them and regular attendees are quick to bag their favorite places with the lawns soon covered with lots of different styles and everyone setting up camp for a fun day in the knowledge that they have shelter what ever the weather may send us.

ScurryThe morning starts of with agility for fun, which is intended to give ridgebacks and their owners a taste of how much fun this can be and it is not run as a competitive event. There was Obedience for Tryers and Top dogs. This had 19 people and their dogs having a go and the winner of Tryers was Kerry Rhodes with Rain. We had 3 dogs entered for Top dogs with no retrieve and the winner was Angela Thompson with Winston. We only had one dog entered for top dogs with a retrieve and that was Cris Geldart with Tayo.

The dog scurry is very popular with all the dogs and their owners and is split into 3 age ranges. Puppy scurry (up to 12mths) adult scurry up to 8yrs and Veteran (8yrs & over) You can see from the entries how popular this event is as with some dogs running more than once we had over 70 entries.

Lunch time was at one thirty when everyone stopped to enjoy the great buffet spread that had been prepared fresh in the house kitchen, which in its self is a major task feeding 180 guests in a very short timescale.


GamesThe games are also very popular with both the competitors and the spectators. Starting with games for the youngsters without dogs we had the egg and spoon race, Dribbling for kids and as Sack race which all proved a winner with all the kids in most of the games we had several heats with the winners of each heat competing in the final for 1st place. In-between the games we had lunch when everyone stopped to enjoy the great buffet spread that had been prepared fresh in the house kitchen, which in its self is a major task feeding 180 guests plus helpers in a very short timescale

The adult games are a joint effort between owners and their dogs and these games become very competitive and once again most of the games had four heats with the winners of each heat competing in the final for 1st place. The Adult games consisted of the egg & spoon race ,Doggie Dribbling and The Supermarket challenge.

RescueIn between the Games we had the rescue parade and all these dogs come with a brief history, which can be very moving and it is what the day is all about. Each dog leaves with a goody bag, which are so very generously provided by Jamie and Rebecca Dyson.

The day ended with our fun classes. Best trick was won by David Hobday with Zimba, The cutest puppy was Sam Pearsons Quigley, Prettiest bitch went to Zuri owned by the Waynman family. The most handsome dog was Angela Thompsons Winston, waggiest tail went to Travis Blumridge’s Smithy and the dog the judge would like to take home was Anglea Thompsons boy Winston

We received donations from:
Janet Gibson, Bridget Webster, Tracy Doughty, Ann and Peter Jackson, Ian Rodgers, Mr and Mrs C Geldart, Della Cannings and Michael Baker, John and Julie Naylor, In memory of Veldtkammer Madras, (Strider), Michael Hill, Ann Davis, Jean Dodsworth, Wayne Dodsworth, Andrew Thompson and Diane Taylor, Mr and Mrs Maylor, Cyril Hill, Debbie Fuller, Gillian Craven, Ian and Jackie Stephenson, Arden Grange, Mark Robinson of MJ Pet foods of Sherburn in Elmet, Jan Elsworth of Sherburn Animal Supplies, Snap-on tools, and a special thank you to our prize sponsor Jamie Dyson who also sponsored the Rescue parade.

Prettiest BitchAcknowledgements for their kind help on the day to: Brenda and Derek Mackfall, Cyril Hill, Phyllis and Geoff Ramsdale, Keith Jackson, Val Garlick, Jean Dodsworth , Madge Bowser, Marion Bailey, Mary, Charlotte Dodsworth, Ron and Vera Swales, Janice Ellis, with a great big thank you for making the day a success to Alex and Ian Schofield and Ann Gates for preparing and managing all the days games. Anne Dawson and Marsha Crawford for running the obedience rings throughout the day. Margret Taylor for taking the photo’s and her partner John for booking all the dogs & kids in for all the events.

A grand total of £ 1857.62 will be donated to the Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Rescue. Which is the most we have ever raised.

The day ended with thanks to all our helpers, and sponsor’s and a big thank you to Cheryl & John for inviting everyone to their home, and all the preparations Cheryl does over the year into planning this day

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